Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to Nursery this year at the Garden International School. I know that we are looking forward to a great time of learning and fun with your children. I just want to outline some information that may be of interest as we begin.

When your child arrives in the morning they will put their backpacks in their cubbies and put their water bottles in their class water bottle tray so that they can access them whenever they need to have a drink.
 They can then move to one of the open play areas.
7.30 – 8.00 The back playground and play room will be open and monitored for your child to play in.

8.00 – 8.30 The top playground and sandpit area will also be opened and staffed for your child to go to.

8.30 The bell will ring and all the parents will be asked to leave promptly. The children will tidy up and come into class to start their school day.

Please do not leave your child in the playground if there is no one on duty. Their safety is our highest priority.
 If you arrive after 8.30 am please go to the front office and they will arrange for you to come into the Foundation area. For the children’s safety it will be locked.
The front door of Foundation is fitted with a swipe card access that can only be opened by staff. So if you need access at a time inside school hours please go to the front office. When you are want to leave there will be an internal button next to the door. (please do not encourage the children to push this button).

 For half day children pick up time will be at 12 noon. They stay to eat lunch but do not stay for lunch play time.
 If your child is staying for the full day program they will be resting for an hour in the afternoons after lunch. They will need a bed roll purchased from the front office which will be kept at school for them to use every day and then sent home every Friday to be laundered. It is advisable to also send a small blanket (not single bed size) for comfort.

If your child is coming for the full day program you can pick them up any time between 2.50pm and 3.00pm the front door will be open and you can come straight to the classroom. The car park will be very busy at this time so we are encouraging parents to arrive early and leave quickly to avoid the traffic when the older children get out of school at 3.10pm.

Foundation School Day finishes at 2.50pm

At 2.50 pm the front door will be opened and you can collected your child anytime between 2.50pm and 3.00pm.

If you are late Unless there is an emergency that you have contacted the school about, any child needing supervision after 3.00pm will incur a minimum supervision charge of 500 baht as a member of staff will be needed to supervise him/her. 

 What should my child bring to school?

 - a small backpack in which they can fit an A4 piece of paper but not too big for their cubbies

- a water bottle that is easy for them to open and use and has either a straw or a small opening at the top. Bottles with wider openings lead to the children spilling them more easily.

- a change of clothes in their backpack everyday (it does not need to be a school uniform just ordinary clothes)

- on the first day they will get a communication book it should come back to school every day in the plastic pocket it came in.

Please name everything that your child brings to school. If you forget we have permanent markers and will write their names on them.

What should my child not bring to school?

- toys from home, they will not be allowed to play with them at school as they may get broken and cause distress
candy or sweets either to eat themselves or share with others (please do not put them in the children’s lunchboxes as we encourage healthy eating at our school

gifts or stickers for other children -  these cause distress for those who don’t receive them and we are engendering fair play in our children’s behavior rather than favouritism

What to wear?

 Our school has a uniform system. There is a specific uniform for children in Foundation that can be purchased at the front office. Your child will also need to wear closed in shoes with socks. No flip flop, crocs or sandals are allowed. No shoes with laces unless your child can tie them themselves. Velcro or pull on are preferable.

On PE days they will need a PE uniform and once again closed in shoes with socks.

On Water Play days they will need a swim suit and a towel (no small hand towels please).
Sometimes the school has Mufti Days to raise money for special causes. On these days the children can wear their own clothes from home and pay 50 baht that goes towards the cause designated.

 Snacks and Lunches

We encourage and promote healthy eating for our children at the school. The school provides snacks and lunches for the children. They will get a range of meals and we will monitor their eating habits and if there are any concerns let you know.


The children will be taken to the school Library one day in the six day cycle to select a book to take home for the week. Please check your child’s schedule to see what day they will be going. Then on the following week return the book so that they can check out another book. You are welcome to use the Library read with your children after school hours. 

Communication Diaries and Communication

You will be given a Communication Book for your child. This book is like a diary and if there is anything that I want to communicate to you out of the ordinary I will write in this book. If you have any concerns or want to write to me about something please write a note on the day in the diary we check them every morning.

The book includes things like the school calendar and other useful information.

If you want to contact the Nursery teacher please email us on


Emails are checked and responded to on the same day.

If you want to let us know you will be late picking your child up or that they are sick please phone the front office or email. Please give us as much notice as possible.

We will also be running a classroom blog where you will be able to see photos of your children and learn about what is happening with them at school. Schedules and other information about what and how they are learning will also be put up on the blog.


If your child is sick at school.

If your child becomes sick or gets hurt at school we have first-aid trained staff and a first-aid box in Foundation for small incidents. We also have a school nurse Ms Yvonne who will be consulted if we are concerned about your child’s well-being.
Your child will be taken to sick bay if they are not well and Ms Yvonne will then take care of them and if need be phone you to come and take them home if they are too sick to stay at school.

 School Trips

Later in the year we will be taking some trips outside the school grounds to support the children’s learning. You will be notified in plenty of time and clear details will be given about where we are going with the children and why. These trips are not included in the school fees and so you will be advised of the cost.

A risk assessment and pre-trip checks are made to make sure that all eventualities are taken into consideration to give your children a safe, fun and informative experience.

Birthday celebrations at school

 We do like to mark the children’s birthdays with their classmates and we will sing Happy Birthday to them in class and give them a crown to wear on the day. If you would like to come in and bring a birthday cake to share with your child’s class on that day we would be happy to arrange a time for you to do that that suits the classroom schedule. Please see your classroom teacher close to the date to arrange a good time.

We ask that you provide only cake for the child’s class. You may also bring some juice if you would like. This is not however a birthday party so please do not bring candy, chips or gift bags for the children. A cake is all we need. Thank you for your help with this and we look forward to celebrating.

We are looking forward to this year of development, fun and learning with your children. Remember if you have any concerns about your child academically or physically in anyway please talk to your child’s teacher. Translators can be arranged for most languages. We are happy to talk with you as long as it is not in class time.

Many thanks.