Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Rayong Aquarium Field Trip

The Nursery Class recently went to the Rayong Aquarium as part of our extended learning experiences into animals and their habitats. Our experience at the aquarium was great. 

I was very proud of the children as they behaved very well and asked some great questions connecting what they were seeing to what we had learned in class. 

The children got to see a wide range of aquatic animals such as sharks, groper and turtles in different kinds of tanks. There were a range a brightly coloured fish and also dangerous animals such as stone fish and sea urchins. In the shallow pool we saw starfish and sea cucumbers.

We were also lucky to see a diver in one of the tanks cleaning it. He was lovely and waved to the children. 

It was a great day out but we were tired in the bus coming back.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ocean continues and we move to the Grasslands.

Our tadpoles are turning into frogs!!


Water Play with our new hopscotch water spray.


What is it like to be underwater?

Khun Nat and Ms Jane held the water fabric over our heads and made it go up and down like waves. We were the colour of water.


Continuing to mix colours with clay...