Monday, 22 January 2018

Ocean Animals...

Ocean Animals

Our studies have continued with a focus this week on ocean animals. Our students have been sharing what they know about the animals and we have been learning more together.


We have read 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and 'Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea'. Both these books are great for teaching children to have a generous spirit and caring nature.

The Rainbow Fish -

We are continuing to make our habitat book with the children painting the page with ocean colours and then adding the animals that belong in the ocean. This gives them another opportunity to talk about what they understand and know.

Come to our restaurant.
In the home corner orders are being written out and filled for hamburgers and hotdogs. We have menus that we used for a mathematics activity that have now moved into our home corner where the children are happily filling out orders and then filling them themselves or making them for other.


What is Your Name?

The students have begun to learn to write their names in the style taught and expected at our school. Both the style and the examples of the style are included in this blog as a page to open at the top.

This is only a beginning of practice and understanding of shape for the children. I do not expect them to be able to write their names correctly yet they are learning.

The children are given a card with their name on it. Below that name is a dotted version of their name and below that a line.
In the beginning we are just getting the children to write over the top of the solid letters and then to connect the dotted letters to write their names. After we have done this for a while or when the children feel ready themselves they can write their names on the line at the bottom.

I will be sending a sample of these home with a marker and eraser so that if the children want to practice at home they can. They should only do this for very short periods of time. At school we only practice once a day. It should be fun and not a chore. We are teaching them to start their letters from the top.


Field Trip Reminder. 

We will be going to the Rayong Aquarium for a field trip on Thursday February 1. 

You will have received a form to fill in and return with 250 baht to cover the cost of the trip. It should be a great experience for the children and we are looking forward to going.

Making Hot Dogs

The children have been asking to make hot dogs for a while and so for our first food making exercise of the term we made hot dogs. People enjoyed them very much and ate the parts of the hot dogs that they wanted to. They were very happy.


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