Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dinosaur Valley Field Trip

Our last field trip for the year to Dinosaur Valley.

The passion project for several of our children this year has been Dinosaurs. We took the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by taking them on a field trip to the newly developed Dinosaur Valley at Nong Nooch Gardens.

There were so many dinosaurs at the park it was hard to know where to look first. It was hard to miss the Brachiosaurus statues that were like all the other dinosaurs life size.

We went around the valley on a bus and then got out and walked around. We were able to touch and walk around the statues that even had eggs and babies in many cases. The children were fascinated with them.

We were able to eat inside in a very nice airconditioned building with a great view that the children enjoyed after walking around seeing the dinosaurs both big and small.

What have we been doing?


For cooking the children chose to make and eat spaghetti.


We made pictures out of spaghetti.

That was fun.

What does a Chef do?

We set up the kitchen area like a restaurant so that we could cook like Chef Blake who came to see us to tell us what his job is like. He brought tools to show us what he uses. Then we went to the school canteen kitchen to see how a large kitchen works.


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What Can I Be?

Dear Parents and Carers
This term in Nursery we will be focusing our learning on looking at the jobs that different people do. We want the children to see the range of opportunities that are available to them and to understand how their communities work. We will have people coming in to talk to the children about what they do and what they use in their work. We will be reading books and watching videos to better understand our world.

Our Literacy focus will be on the children being able to recognize the alphabet letters, being able to talk about books they are reading, being able to talk about pictures they have made and listen to and recognise rhyming words.  
Many Thanks

Ms Jane


How can we help people?

Firefighter can put out the fire in the king's castle.


Our police officers are looking for and finding people's lost animals.

This police officer is drawing a picture of a man who was seen stealing a car.

 Some excellent work is being done in our hospital by doctors and nurses to help those who are sick.


Castles be built.

A group of children used a range of different items to build a castle in our book corner. Many people moved in to use it.


 Songs and Videos

We are learning new songs and more about different occupations using some videos on Youtube.

One of our favourite songs is Alphabet Occupations:


Some of the videos we are watching are:

I Want to Be a Chef    https://youtu.be/LHn887lZAdc
I Want to Be an Astronaut   https://youtu.be/vbKixwY95pg
I Want to Be a Firefighter    https://youtu.be/YQqgIFvn7gU
I Want to Be a Construction Worker 
I Want to Be a Paleontologist https://youtu.be/iDGekbZcGjU

When we were looking at firefighters we looked at the following videos from Sesame Street.

Firefighters in Training   https://youtu.be/CXNswj_o5Qc
Fighting a Fire https://youtu.be/SMb-kjvrIYs