Monday, 2 October 2017

Minibeast Come to An End...

Bees a buzzing...

At the end of our studies on Minibeasts we had a look at bees and how they look and live.
We looked at the patterns on the bees and replicated that on our floor together. Everyone helped so we saw that pattern clearly.

We acted out how a bee hive works. First we all used our cushions to build the hive. They were not hexagons but they fitted together well. The queen gave the nurses the baby bees, the nurses took care of the babies and fed them the honey the workers brought back, the guards stopped any bees or other creatures that did not belong to the hive out and the workers flew to the flowers and collected the pollen and the nectar and brought it back to the hive.


Our hive was built and everyone got a job.

The nurses took care of the babies.

The guards stopped the other creatures from getting into the hive. (that's me)

The workers went to get the nectar from the flowers.


We watched Jess tell us about how bees live and work.

Jess Minibeast Adventures - Bees 

We sung the song - I'm Taking Home a Baby Bumble Bee. (but only the first verse because the rest is not so nice)


Water Play...

Water play was fun last week as we brought out the spinkler hose for the first time and the children had such fun sitting on it, running up and down along it and jumping over it all the time with water spraying on them.


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