Sunday, 3 September 2017

Spiders are in!!

What will we study next?

So far we have looked at caterpillars and snails. This past week the children voted for which minibeast we would look at next. It was spiders by a landslide.

So this week we will be studying spiders. We will look at how they live and what they eat. What do they really look like?


Lots of Bubbles

In our science area we spent a lot of time blowing bubbles. People experimented with what made bigger bubbles and what made the bubbles go taller that other people's bubbles.

 Continuing to learn about rectangles we used our bodies and different size people to make the longer and shorter sides of the rectangles.


Everyday we read. What do good readers do?

They listen and share books.

They look at pictures and turn pages carefully.

They look for things that are hidden in the pictures. We are learning to be good readers.

Our first cooking experience... shape sandwiches.

We chose the shapes we wanted our sandwiches to be. We used cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. We needed two shapes the same. We decided if we wanted butter or not and if we wanted jam or not. We used spoons to spread the choices on our sandwiches. Then we wrapped our sandwich and put it in a bag with our name on it. Some of us chose to eat our sandwich at snack and some chose to take them home. A totally enjoyable experience.

Soon we will vote to see what we want to cook next. There is a strong call for pizza.



We have been studying them and collecting them. We have fed them, read about them and made lettuce soup for them. Then using play dough we made models of them.

 We watched Minibeast Adventures with Jess

Minibeast Adventures with Jess - Snails

Minibeast Adventures - How snails eat.


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