Sunday, 24 September 2017


Recent cooking projects

Over the last two weeks the children chose to cook ladybug cakes and then banana and strawberry smoothies. Here are some photos from those experiences. We of course chose these recipes as we usually do by voting. We have two more cooking experiences before the holidays.

Ladybug cakes...

First we all worked together to put in an ingredient and mix the mixture. We helped each other by holding the bowl as the mixture got thicker. Then we used the electric mixer to mix them together. It was very loud.

 After the cakes were cooked we decorated them with eyes and spots before we either ate them or took them home.

Banana and Strawberry Smoothies

Each child was given a banana to cut up to put in their smoothie. They were able to choose whether or not they wanted banana or strawberries or both. They then took turns to put the fruit in the blender with the milk and ingredients and when it was ready the pressed the button to blend their smoothie. When it was finished they drank them. They were yummy but very filling.

Everyone enjoyed the cooking and soon we will choose a new recipe for this coming Friday.