Thursday, 20 April 2017

Term 3 - Part 1 - Transport

Nursery - Things That Go

Things That Go...

Our focus study this half term is on transport vehicles and travel. The children initially voted from a choice of ocean, land, air or space to start our study from space. This week we have been reading books both fiction and non-fiction related to this topic.

Fiction Books:

Marshmallows for Martians by Adam and Charlotte Guillain
Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East
I Want to Be an Astronaut by  Byron Barton

Non Fiction Books:

Spaceships and Rockets by Deborah Lock
The Insiders Book on Space

We have watched videos related to space exploration and vehicles such as the launch of Apollo 13 and the launch of space shuttle Atlantis. We also looked at a video about life inside the space station.

Apollo 13 launch

Space Shuttle launch

Space Station Tour

The children each made a multimedia picture depicting themselves flying a rocket. They used paint, paper, scissors, glue, markers, glitter, photos and card.

We used our rocket ship climbing structure in the playground to act out our own rocket launch using the sound sequence from an Apollo launch to blast off through a portable speaker. We ate food and pretended that it was floating in space and was difficult to eat. After landing we used our sample bags and buckets to collect rock and flora samples from the planet we had landed on and then returned to earth. 


Below is a copy of our letter for the upcoming field trip to the Old Siam Country Club where they have a great stationary vehicle exhibition.

Field Trip to the Old Siam Country Club 

This half term our Nursery class is learning about ‘Things That Go’. To enhance the children’s learning we will be taking them on a field trip on Thursday May 4 to the Old Siam Country Club which has a fine display of older stationary vehicles, including steam trains, an airplane and a range of cars and trucks. A risk assessment has been carried out to make sure of the safety of our students. I have also done a pre-visit. The buses have seatbelts and the adults on the trip are all First Aid trained and we always take first aid kits with us. We will leave school at 8.30 am for the trip so please ensure your child is at school on time.
We will be taking a picnic lunch and a special snack with us as well as the children’s water bottles and some extra water. There is a lovely parkland area there and we will be playing some games while we are there.

Students should wear their school uniform including their hats and closed in shoes. Please apply sunscreen and insect repellant to your children before they come to school. We will of course take extra and apply it if needed.

If your child has any special food requirements please let us know. The trip cost includes buses, special snack and water. We will return in the afternoon before school has finished.
This will be the curriculum program for the day so if your child does not come on the trip they will need to stay home. Fill out the form below and return it and the money for the trip to your classroom teacher by Wednesday May 3. We are looking forward to a fun learning experience for all. 
Best Regards

Jane Vincent - Nursery Teacher
Nursery Field Trip Permission Slip

I want my child ……………………………….. to go on the Nursery field trip to the Old Siam Country Club on Thursday May 4.   I am including the 200 baht needed to pay for the trip.
My contact phone number is …………………………………….

Signature ………………………………………………..



To help develop the children's fine motor skills we recently had them decorate a rattan basket that they could use later by weaving different threads and ribbons into the lid. The results you can see for yourself. They were very proud and happy to take them home.



Number writing from 0 - 5 has been our focus for the last two weeks. We have been doing this using a range of media and opportunities. As always it is the 3 and the 5 that cause most of the children some difficulty but they are all working very hard to do the best they can. Those who are still learning will continue to practice and others will move on to numbers 6 - 10.

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