Thursday, 2 March 2017

Letters and Sounds

Jolly Phonics Song

Just now we are learning our Alphabet in order and talking about the sounds at the beginnings of words. We have been learning and listening to the Jolly Phonics song which also gives us actions to go along with the sounds to help us remember. The Youtube address above will take you to the song we are learning.

As part of our literacy program we are learning to write our names. We can all recognise our names now and some our friends' names too. A small plastic bag will be coming home with the children's name card, a marker and an eraser in it. The children have asked if they could have one to use at home and I have said yes. 

This is not homework but is for them to use when they would like to. I must emphasise that the children are learning, please praise them for trying and encourage them if they are interested. Please do not make them to do this at home if they are not interested.

At school, they write first over the top of the first name, then on the name made of dots and lastly in the blank space they try to write independently. 
The correct direction of writing is on this blog in the page at the top.

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