Sunday, 15 January 2017

Second Term

Dear Parents and Caregivers… This term we will be turning our studies towards the understanding of wild animals from around the world. We will be looking at their different environments and needs. This is usually a unit of study that the children enjoy immensely.
On Friday January 20 we will be taking the children to the Khao Kheow Zoo to extend their learning by giving them the experience of interacting with and seeing a range of different animals. More information will be coming home soon about this trip. Be assured that risk assessments are done on every trip.
In our Literacy studies this half term we will be revisiting alliteration (the recognition of beginning sounds in words) and looking more at rhythm and rhyme in speech and books. The children will also be made aware of the habits of good readers and what to look for when choosing a book. We will begin to learn to write our own names in the style the school teaches. This style is clearly shown on the class blog.
In Mathematics we will be focusing on patterns and connections using the unit of study on Wild Animals as a base for our understanding and experiences. We will be writing the numbers 0 – 5 and be extending our understanding of how these numbers work and interact.
Chinese New Year is coming up in Foundation on Friday, January 27 and on that day if the children have any Chinese clothes we will be asking them to wear those or if they have anything red or yellow that would be fine too. The children will be making musical instruments to play on the day. More information will come home about this closer to the day.

We will be looking at Kelso’s Choices which is a tool to help children understand how to deal with problems they encounter whether they be small or big.

Don’t forget to visit our class blog this term to learn more about what is happening with your child at school.

Thank you for your continuing support. Remember to contact me on at any time. J

Our Wild Animal Unit 

Our current study has begun with the inclusion of a puppet theatre in our room and some wild animal puppets for the children to help them make up stories and role play different relationships.

As you can see they are already having a lot of fun with them. We have a cockatoo, a camel, a crocodile, a panda and a koala.

Monkey Mathematics...

In our mathematics lessons at the moment we are counting monkeys in trees. We are using two trees and all together we have five monkeys. We are using the numbers 0 to 5 to first work out how many monkeys are in each tree, we then find the correct numeral and put it in the corresponding circle on the ground. When we know how many monkeys are in each tree we count how many there are all together and place that number in the end circle on the ground. We are also making our own book that corresponds to our 3 dimensional activities.

Songs and snakes...

We are learning a song called "I'm being eaten by a Boa Constrictor". Diring this song a child volunteers to be eaten by our classroom Boa Constrictor and we sing the song as it nibbles on their toes and then gradually goes all the way up to their head. When the snake is full  we put him to sleep under the tree. The children love this activity and laugh out loud as we are doing it. The song is based on a poem by poet and author Shel Silverstein.


Animal Habitats...

To help the children understand the different habitats and the animals that inhabit them we are making small model habitats as we learn about them and the children are placing the correct animals in those habitats and disguarding the others until we find the right homes for them.


Reading Buddies

Every Day 6 we are now going to have some students from Year 2 come down and read books with us. Sometimes they will choose them and sometimes we will. We will also look at us writing some short books together. 

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