Sunday, 9 October 2016

Ants and other experiences...

Our study of Ants.
Each of us had our own room in the ant hill.

Our ant hill was under the ground. You can see the grass we made at the top.

The queen laid lots of eggs. We each made 4 eggs to put in the Nursery.
We learned that ants each have their own jobs and they all work together. Some are gatherers, some are nurses and take care of the babies, some are farmers and some are soldiers who guard the hill. In our classroom one day we all pretended to be ants. Some of us were nurses and we took care of the babies, some of us were farmers who planted the seeds in the garden and some of us were gatherers who went out to look for food and then brought it back to share with the others.

We caught ants in our playgrounds by putting down some food they would like. We placed damp sand in a cup with some leaves and then put our ants in the cups. The ants dug tunnels and took the food down the tunnels.

We watched them for a few days and then we let them go back to their families. We had given them different food every day.



We have been learning about shapes and have been working on our ability to identify and sort shapes in different ways. In the photos below you can see how we separated the shapes that were rectangles from those that were not. 


Halloween has been cancelled due to our loss at this time.

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