Sunday, 28 August 2016

Our First 6 Day Cycle

Exciting Times in Nursery...

We are continuing our studies into 'Minibeasts'. I told you that we had found a caterpillar that had stripes. We were so lucky that it turned into a cocoon and now looks like it is about to turn into a butterfly.


This is all happening in our classroom. Oh my... just as I am writing this our butterfly has come out of it's cocoon. I will try to add a photo.


We looked at it and then we let it go so that it could fly away.


This week the children have been focusing their attention on Ladybirds. We have learned a song called Ladybug Ladybug.

We made our own ladybirds using paper plates and have been counting the spots that go on their wings.

We have also been comparing the number of legs, wings, eyes and whether or not the animal lays eggs as we have been learning about them.

We watched Jess having another Minibeast adventure and saw the different stages of a lady bird.



We are actively taking part in the school recycling program as we take our scrap paper to the big paper recycling bins from the ones in our classroom.

We watched a video on paper recycling and will watch one on can recycling.


Photos... Mr Ritchie came this week to take photos of the children and I am including them below.

Next week we have a new boy joining our class.


Next week we start looking at frogs and how they live. We already caught a small brown frog and he is now in our classroom garden.

We will be learning the song 

5 Green and Speckled Frogs next week.

Minibeast continue to be the focus of our studies.
The children voted that after we had looked at snails and knew more about them we should investigate caterpillars and butterflies.

We watched the video of Ms Jess and her hunt for caterpillars and butterflies with her friends.

 We learned a song about a caterpillar.
(the actions for the song are to cup your hands and pretend you have a caterpillar in them, then when you get to the 'fly away' line you hook your thumbs together and use your hands as the butterfly wings.)

Caterpillar, caterpillar in my hands,
In my hands.
Soon you'll be a butterfly,
Soon you'll be a butterfly.
Fly away.

(to the tune of Frere Jaques)


We learned that snails lay eggs.

We learned a poem about a snail...
(actions for the poem are... to use one hand with extended middle and pointing finger as the eyes of the snail and the rest of the fingers pulled in, then make the other hand into a fist and put it on the back of the first hand as the shell of the snail. When the snail get scared the shell hand covers the other.)

Sammy Snail is little.
He's doing very well.
But when someone scares him.
He jumps back in his shell.


We listened to a story about a caterpillar who had many shoes. When he started to get tired and too big for them he shared them with other minibeasts before he turned into a butterfly.

We used circles to make a caterpillar and then stuck on wiggly eyes and feet to help us remember the story and how caterpillars look.


We made paint butterflies by spooning blobs of paint onto the paper and then using our hands spread the paint inside the folded paper to made our butterfly wings.
The happiness on our faces was wonderful to see when we opened up the paper to find our butterfly.

Water Play is every Day 4 please remember to send in swimming suits and a towel on these days.
The children who brought suits and towels this week had a great time and we also had bubbles and buckets of coloured water with paint brushes for the other children to use too.


Other things we have done...

We voted for which minibeast we would investigate next.


We went hunting for minibeasts for our classroom garden.
We found more snails and a butterfly. We saw a frog.

Since then we have found 2 caterpillars. One is big and fat and one is small with stripes.

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