Friday, 17 March 2017

Mixing Colours

To better understand what happens to colours when we mix them we are using as many of our senses as possible to help us see, feel and remember.

First the children paint one colour on one of their hands. Then I paint a colour on their other hand. Then they mix them together by rubbing their hands together and they can clearly see and experience the joy of making two colours make another.

People Who Help Us

This week in Nursery our classroom has been full of doctors taking care of sick people and Vets taking care of sick animals. There have been many people calling on our helpers with everything from temperatures and broken bones to babies with coughs. 

We have watched some episodes of Hilltop Hospital. 

This one that we watched had some very good messages about the importance of wearing seatbelts.

In the week to come we will be continuing to talk about these helpers but be including some discussion and role play about the work that Police Officers have in our community and how they help us.

In past weeks we have learned about Firefighters and what we should do if there was a fire either at school or at home.