Thursday, 1 June 2017

Things That Go - Field Trip

Old Siam Country Club Vehicle Exhibition

We all went to see the vehicles at the entrance to the old golf course. We were looking for the differences between the vehicles and the different places they were used. For example planes need wings, cars and tractors need wheels and trains need tracks and special kinds of wheels.

The wings were very high.

 We could all fit on the tractor and trailer. What a shame it could not go.

The wheels were very BIG!!

We had a great time going but it was a hot day.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Planes, Trains and Pirates

Airplanes and Hot Air Balloons...

We built an airplane in our classroom from boxes and chairs. We lined up to go inside and the Year 2 students came down to read with us on our plane.


We read about hot air balloons and watched videos on how and why they work.
As a project we painted our hot air balloon pictures and had to use 5 different colours in the balloon sections.


We all took turns placing vehicles on the sky, the land and the water to show where they were used.

Trains and their tracks...

Together we looked at the shapes on a train. We talked about the smoke stack on a steam engine and chose 4 things in the classroom that could be a smoke stack. Then we voted to see which one we would use. After we voted and decided what to use we put it on the front of our train that was made out of boxes, tables and chairs. Our train track was made of rectangles.

All aboard!! The train driver called out. Everyone had a ticket that the conductor clicked and away we went on our train ride to Bangkok.

Ships, Pirates and buried treasure...

 We built our ship out of tables and chairs. We had a pirate flag and we made hats. We set sail and sang pirate songs and read pirate stories. We swabbed the decks and then we found a treasure map.

 With the map we searched for the treasure. We counted out the steps to find the clues.

Then we saw the signs and found the X that marked the spot.

 Many pirates took turns to dig up the treasure chest. We finally found it and carried it back to our hideout.

 Captain Ing Ing shared out the treasure and we all took our own loot home at the end of the day. Aaarrghh!!

Of course we all had to count it. To make sure it was fair.