Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Our Passions Turn to Pirates.

All the children helped to construct our pirate ship moving tables and chairs and putting down the water.

Then we had to make the ship ship-shape so we all cleaned it by swabbing the decks.

Then we were ready to sail in search of treasure.

We got our treasure maps and went in search of the treasure.

We had to go around the trees and past the rocks and through the forest. Then we found where X marked the spot and started to dig.

In the end we dug up the treasure chest and took it back to our classroom where we divided the treasure between us all.

Aaarrgghhh me hearties!! It was a good day's work.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Our Things That Go Experiences.

Some of our experiences when we were learning about different things that go.

 We washed the car.

 We filled the car with petrol and electricity.

 We built and painted the engines.

We worked together with the helicopter rescue team to save a man from the water.

 We fitted puzzles together.

We took off and landed airplanes and helicopters at the airport.

We worked to fix and measure the vehicles.


We went outside and flew our styrofoam jets as fast as we could.

We worked in the spaceshuttle to take our astronauts out into space safely.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Rayong Aquarium Field Trip

The Nursery Class recently went to the Rayong Aquarium as part of our extended learning experiences into animals and their habitats. Our experience at the aquarium was great. 

I was very proud of the children as they behaved very well and asked some great questions connecting what they were seeing to what we had learned in class. 

The children got to see a wide range of aquatic animals such as sharks, groper and turtles in different kinds of tanks. There were a range a brightly coloured fish and also dangerous animals such as stone fish and sea urchins. In the shallow pool we saw starfish and sea cucumbers.

We were also lucky to see a diver in one of the tanks cleaning it. He was lovely and waved to the children. 

It was a great day out but we were tired in the bus coming back.